Wilson Kimani Kang’ethea (Kenya)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration – 2013

Current Job Position: I am a Customs Trainer at the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA), the training arm of the Kenya Revenue Authority, and a Director at Trade Hub East Africa Ltd, a trade facilitation consulting company based in Nairobi.

Further, I am the founder of the Centre for Customs and Trade Facilitation, a Nairobi-based not-for-profit research organisation that specialises in trade facilitation programs and projects. I am also the University of Canberra Alumni Representative for East Africa Region.

Undertaking my master’s studies at CCES remains one of the best decisions in my career. As an aspiring customs and international trade expert, I had always wanted to be a notch higher than my peers! This meant I needed a higher qualification. When I discovered the Master of International Customs Law and Administration (MICLA) degree, I knew that I wanted to study it, and that decision would later impact positively on my career.

The delivery of the MICLA program was highly interactive, very rigorous and detailed. As a result I was always learning new concepts acquiring both practical and theoretical skills in the field of customs administration.

The interactions with professors and fellow students from very diverse backgrounds provided an invaluable opportunity for me to meet and create life-time relationships that would traverse continents, from Africa to Europe and Australia. Therefore, not only did I acquire knowledge, but also personal friendships which ended up opening new opportunities for me.

The technical skills I acquired from my studies came in handy and one year after graduation, I was appointed as a lecturer of Customs Law and Administration by the Kenya School of Revenue Administration. This was in recognition of my newly acquired qualifications. Further, the course opened for me a business opportunity in customs and international trade consulting leading to the opening of a consulting company, Trade Hub East Africa Ltd. Trade Hub East Africa (THEA) offers trade support services with extensive expertise in customs compliance and capacity building, trade facilitation principles such as integrated border management, one stop border posts, WTO provisions and Kyoto Convention, Time Release Studies among others.

And to give back to society, I have formed a not-for-profit technical customs organisation; Centre for Customs and Trade Facilitation, whose mandate is to carry out research on customs and trade facilitation programs as well as advocate for the removal of trade barriers across supply chains.