Watisoni Rauicava (Fiji)

Masters in International Customs Law and Administration (Online) – 1998

Current Job Position: Customs Consultant, Oceania Customs Organisation

After graduating I was promoted to National Manager Border Control for the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority (FRCA) in 1999. However I am no longer employed with FRCA and currently working as a customs expert or consultant on ad hoc basis with the Oceania Customs Organisation.

The program actually developed and enhanced my understanding of the role of Customs. It gave me the confidence to contribute undertake responsibilities that included the reforms and modernizing of customs in Fiji and currently being able to assist the Oceania Customs Organization in its effort to build capacity and modernize Customs administrations in the region.

Firstly I would like to congratulate the students who have graduated and also who have taken interest in the Customs field. Customs is a very interesting and dynamic area and constantly need to adapt as a response to the changing global trading and security environment. Therefore as an individual I think there is also a need to continually exchange ideas and experiences through the Alumni and strongly feel the need to continually undertake studies to remain abreast with the global challenges and opportunities.