Stefanie Oppermann (Germany)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration (MICLA) –  2013

Current Job Position: My current role is Manager Global Customs & Compliance for a large company in the automobile industry in Germany.  I’m responsible for monitoring international regulatory changes and implementing new organisational processes to ensure effective utilisation of, and compliance with international customs and foreign trade laws.

The successful completion of the MICLA course has assisted me to gain access to management positions in international operating companies. There is an emerging trend for international companies to establish internal customs & competency divisions to centralise control and monitoring of international commercial transactions. These internal divisions require the development of complex IT-systems and rely on advice and input from international customs specialists.

The MICLA course has helped me to improve my knowledge and understanding of customs and foreign trade laws as they apply to international commercial transactions. I am passionate about risk management and compliance and working with companies to incorporate constantly changing international customs and trade laws into internal processes and procedures. The MICLA course gave me the opportunity to learn more about my passion and how compliance can be improved through enhanced administrative processes and the effective allocation of international commercial transactions and human resources. I think the most important point is to establish a global network to exchange information about customs and foreign law related questions.

We work daily with international transactions. Even if relevant rules are set by the WTO or WCO, there are still differences in national regulations or laws which must be complied with. It would be great to have a platform for the exchange of simple and accurate information on Customs laws and procedures to help each other to strengthen existing organisational processes.

During our studies we used the activity forum to discuss theoretical and practical customs procedures. It would be great to have an enduring resource such as this to communicate ideas and information. A strong alumni network allows alumni to exchange new information and help us to stay connected while at the same time it’s fun to network and to stay in touch.