Ravindrakumar Sumathy (Sri Lanka)

Masters of Customs Administration – 2011

Deputy Director of Sri Lanka Customs

Being a holder of a Master’s degree in Business Administration and having a fair bit of experience in the chosen field of Customs, I had the right combination. It worked well with my plan.

When the Masters of Customs Administration (MCA) was offered through the Postgraduate Institute of Management through the University of Sri Jayawardenapura, and CCES, I grabbed it with both hands as I knew this program would help me to move from one level in the ladder to another level.   I prefer to call it an institution rather than an organization because it is not merely a body to enforce rules and regulations or to collect revenue for the government. Because the Customs in which I have served for 35 long years has a wealth of knowledge and experience to be found within its portals. An institution is perennial that means it has a continued long existence; it is similar to a University. We all know that a University makes an invaluable contribution towards excellence of the human mind in the academic field. The Customs too contributes to the process of learning in diverse fields of knowledge and people. In order to tap all the resources available one must be guided and focused. It is here that I value immensely the services rendered by CCES.

This was my platform. I must also acknowledge the help that I received from outside our country. The exposure that the World Customs Organization gave me by accrediting me as an expert trainer cannot be under-estimated. The Centre for Customs and Excise Studies of the University of Canberra itself opened their gate for me and gave me hands-on experience through project-assignments.

I am today what I am, thanks to the CCES, brought professionalism in the Sri Lankan Customs administration in general and in particular in my carrier in three areas since my graduation

  1. The professionalism in my carrier
  2. Accreditation as an expert trainer by the WCO
  3. Authoring a book on Customs valuation