Patrik Heinesson (Sweden)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration (2015)

What is your current job position? – Vice President/COO KGH Border Services

Having spent 25 years in the Swedish Customs administration on different positions, and the last 7 years as vice president of KGH Border Services, my decision to enrol for a Graduate Certificate as well as a Master’s degree in Customs Administration is one of the best I ever made.

Through interaction with other students, challenging assignments and guidance by experienced and professional facilitators, a completely new approach to Customs issues was provided. In practice, it has certainly influenced the way I look at things and the way my company operates and delivers customs capacity building projects.

I trust it is the nice blend of numerous years’ of operational and managerial experience combined with an academic approach and structured research techniques, which really adds value to my daily work. Eventually, I realized how much there still is to learn on the subject of Customs and international trade , and having the appropriate tools for doing so really makes the difference.

In fact, my time with CCES and Charles Sturt University was so rewarding that I decided to continue my academic career by applying for a PhD Candidature. Just having embarked on this journey, I am looking forward to several years’ of studies as well as new experiences and challenges to manage and benefit from.