Mohamed H Bility (Republic of Liberia)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration 2012

My current position, as the deputy commissioner of customs for policy and compliance, is directly related to the knowledge and skills I acquired at the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies. The program gave me a broad understanding of how customs operates as it relates to international trade. Because of my understanding of the dynamics of international customs laws and their relationship with other national and international laws, I am confidently applying some modern customs management styles that will enhance my country’s revenue generation capacity. I feel more confident discussing customs issues with my international counterparts.

It is my dream and aspiration to present the Liberian customs to the global trading community as a predictable and simple customs service where rules and regulations are made clearer and available at all time to the business community. My background being customs enforcement, I acquired a lot of knowledge and skills that enhanced my capacity to introduce policies which find a balance between control and facilitation. This is one major aspect of customs that any policy decision maker needs to consider if they are to attract investment and ensure the maximum control.