Luc Pugliatti (Italy)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration – 2011

Current Job Position: Independent Consultant

As my work tends to be in the specialist area of Customs Reform and Modernization and, increasingly, in trade facilitation the topics covered in the course genuinely helped me expand my overall background knowledge thus giving me more confidence and structure in the approach to my work.  Also, in these circles, the CCES/University of Canberra Master is held in high esteem and it has brought me recognition and work opportunities at the highest level.

Luciano Pugliatti (Luc) is an independent ICT consultant with over 15 years’ experience of delivering solutions for Customs and revenue administrations. He has designed and implemented innovative ICT systems aimed at revenue enhancement and modernisation of Customs and Tax administrations in many countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean and South East Asia. He has carried out a number of diagnostic missions for the World Bank and has acted as ICT Advisor to Vietnam Customs and, currently, to the Lao PDR Ministry of Industry and Commerce where he is in charge of the team that developed their Trade Information Portal.

Prior to working in the public sector, Luc owned and operated a software company that specialised in shipping and trade logistics systems with an emphasis on electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. His clients included some of the major shipping agents and lines in the United Kingdom and Europe.