Jackline Murekatete (Rwanda)

Masters of International Customs Law and Administration (MICLA) & Masters of International Revenue Administration (MIRA) December 2009


Currently I am the Head of Compliance and Enforcement Division, Rwanda Revenue Authority, Customs Services department. As a head of this division I oversee the Risk Management and Intelligence function, Post Clearance Audit and Enforcement of Customs arrears.

My role therefore involves developing strategies to balance customs regulatory control and facilitating legitimate international trade. In addition to this I coordinate customs audits, including audit planning, execution and reporting by post clearance audit unit.

Prior to my graduation, I was head of Post Clearance Audit unit which is one of the units I oversee now. Therefore undertaking MICLA has helped me advance to my current position.  After completing my course I have been able to look at Customs at international level and understand better the best practices and this facilitates me in advising the department to adopt the best practices.

Alumni network is very important and it will provide a forum for us as customs experts to exchange ideas and experiences in the areas of International Trade, Logistics, Border Management and other related areas. This will therefore foster professionalization in these areas. It is also a forum which will help us keep in touch and keep learning from each other.