Fayaz Rasool Maken (Pakistan)

Master of Customs Administration 2018

Chief (International Customs), Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan.

The title of the job is Chief (International Customs), Federal Board of Revenue, Pakistan.According to the job description, I have to keep close liaison with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and other leading donor institutions for implementation of international best practices in Pakistan for increased trade facilitation and security of trade. Enhancing capacity building of the human resource in Pakistan Customs is an important part of responsibilities in this job.

My studies with CCES has tremendously impacted my working since graduating, even during graduating. I have been able to significantly contribute to my country as well as my organization because of knowledge that I learnt during Master of Customs Administration from CCES.

I would like to share with the fellow students that studies being offered (and knowledge being imparted) by CCES is both practical and up to the mark. This should be taken a stepping stone towards provision of an environment, both at the national as well as international level, where trade/business can be duly facilitated. This would have far-reaching implications for economic/social development in the world.

Moreover, opportunity may be explored (while banking upon initial qualification obtained from CCES) for undertaking specializations OR Ph. D in any area pertaining to international customs. This would go a long way in developing a human resource in the world which would be (in light of VRIN Framework) valuable, rare, inimitable, and non-substitutable, having multiple benefits for promotion/expansion of global trade.