Craig Somerville (Australia)

Master of International Customs Law & Administration – March 2011

Current Job Position:

I am presently National Manager Airport Operations for the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service.  In this I have senior executive oversight of passenger clearance and related border protection functions at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Darwin international airports.  As a member of the Compliance & Enforcement Division Executive, I am helping shape the emerging ACBPS Strategic Border Command and the competencies needed for Border Force officers in the air domain which are central elements in the ACBPS Reform agenda.

I think the discipline of study helped give me a better mind set to considering issues from all perspectives, ie, Government agenda & obligations, regulatory, law enforcement, traveller experience, industry and other stakeholder dimensions. And also to appreciate that these things are intrinsically interconnected.

Keep an eye on the Reform journey the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service is now on. It is highly aspirational, and will fundamentally change the way our administration operates and our operational posture.  Much of what we do will be cutting edge, and it will position ACBPS as a critical law enforcement and regulatory asset to the Australian Government.