Chris Bourne (New Zealand)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration – March 2012

Senior Policy Analyst, Trade Facilitation and Compliance Policy, New Zealand Customs Service

The course gave me with a greater / wider understanding of the strategic factors affecting Customs administrations and border management environments, from both the international and domestic perspectives and this has been really useful in my current role.

At the moment my main focus is on international engagement and also supply chain security issues and the Customs Law, Customs Modernisation and Supply Chain management papers have proved really useful for contextual background as well as awareness of issues affecting these areas.

Also the GATT/ WTO Law paper gave me a greater understanding of work that I am now doing in the Free Trade area.

I have also been able to use some of the knowledge gained in study in my previous role developing the policy support for the new NZ border computer system and research into the potential for a new Customs Act.

The best part of doing this degree was the ability to engage with fellow Customs Officers and other people working in the Customs environment from around the world.

Gaining insight to the challenges and successes of other Customs’ administrations, many of which operate in fiscal, political and legislative environments much more difficult than New Zealand’s, was really valuable.