Ariane Akayezu

Master of International Customs Law and Administration (MICLA) – March 2012

Current Job Position: Head of Customs Reform and Modernisation, Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA)

Studying the MICLA with CCES was a great opportunity for me to improve my skills. The course was well structured and relevant to the current practices and areas of customs.

As Head of Customs Reform and Modernisation, I am responsible for designing and formulating modernisation initiatives targeting continued reform within the Customs Services Department. The MICLA helped me to develop knowledge in international customs law, customs administration and other areas of trade regulation. The knowledge I gained has been an asset to Rwanda Customs in particular as well as to the entire organization (RRA) in general.

Modernising implies identifying and benchmarking the international best practices. The MICLA helped me gain a deep understanding of international best practices and how they should be structured and adjusted to suit the operational environment.

I was the Head of Customs Reform and Modernisation before going to Canberra for my studies, and I can say that the way I was doing my job before that time is far different from the way I am doing it now. The MICLA unit Customs Reform and Modernisation was very useful to me since it helped me to understand the key concepts and rationale for customs reform and modernisation. After graduating, I have been able to identify and formulate appropriate policies, practice and procedures relating to reform and modernisation for the Rwandan Customs. I contributed by advising my administration regarding the implementation of reform initiatives that include, among others, the enhancement of risk management, review of customs legislation, capacity building and the integrated border management in the form of a One Stop Border Post. These initiatives have improved trade competitiveness and promoted trade facilitation.