Anthorr Nomchong (Australia)

Master of International Customs Law and Administration 2012

“I am an Australian Customs & Border Protection Supervisor (CBP L3) currently working as the national coordinator for the Infringement Notice Scheme modernisation project and as a policy writer on Compliance activities for the Australian Customs & Border Protection Service. My course of studies for the Maters of International Customs Law & Administration has enabled me to advance to my current position and expanded my horizons generally. The skills provided by such subjects as my Regulatory Compliance units have held me in good stead, allowing me to expand my academic knowledge into the practical arena of the workplace. I am sure that the skills I have now in my personal tool kit as a result of the Maters study has and will assist me in providing sound advice in my work area dealing with the national coordination and training of staff conducting activities under the national Infringement scheme in Australia.  My experience with the centre was good considering I was a full time worker doing the very difficult task of balancing a normal life with academic studies, as such I found all the academic and support staff very accommodating and supportive throughout my journey.”