Shanghai Customs College

Image from Travis Wise on Flickr

Shanghai Customs College (SCC)


The SCC is the main training arm of the General Administration of China Customs, providing technical and management training to Customs Officers as part of their career developments, as well as becoming an accredited ‘Regional Training Centre’ for the World Customs Organisation (WCO) offering training packages to Customs agencies across the Asia pacific region.  The SCC also is an approved institution for higher learning under the Chinese Ministry of Education and offers both under-graduate and post-graduate programs for the students outside of Customs who meet selection criteria.

The Bachelor of Customs Administration offers students a choice to specialise in eight major studies including Customs Administration, Logistics Management, International Business, Law, Audit, Economics, Taxation, and English.  The Bachelor of Customs Administration has been accredited by the WCO as meeting the requirements of the customs profession.  Each year in the summer and winter semester breaks, a number of selected students have been offered internships with CCES in Canberra as part of the Bachelor program.

At the post-graduate level, students selecting SCC can choose either a Masters of Taxation or Masters of Public Administration.  Since 2013, SCC students undertaking their Masters of Taxation are required to complete ‘Indirect Taxation’ delivered by CCES as a core unit of the first year of their studies.  In addition, Masters of Taxation students are also to select as electives ‘Environment Taxation’ and ‘Direct Taxation’ which are also delivered by CCES tutors.

Each year the relationship between SCC and CCES has grown and it is expected that additional CCES units of study will be available in both the Bachelors and Masters programs.