We provide a comprehensive range of non-award training and professional development programs for organisations, all of which are based on international best practice. Please download our brochure for further information.


Customs Tariff 1

Customs Tariff 2

Customs Valuation

Rules of Origin

Cargo: Principles and Procedures

Travellers: Principles and Procedures

International Trade Transactions

International Customs Law 1

International Customs Law 2

Customs Audit Techniques 1

Customs Audit Techniques 2

Customs Risk Management

Customs Profiling and Targeting

Duty Suspension Regimes


Senior Management Development Program

Operational Management Development Program

Regulatory Compliance Management

Ethics and Integrity

Managing Media Relations


Investigation: Principles and Procedures

Intelligence: Principles and Procedures

Fraud Control

Customs Surveillance: Principles and Procedures

Customs Search Techniques

Container/Cargo Search Techniques

Understanding the Maritime Environment

Maritime Enforcement

Drug Identification

Illicit Drugs: Detection and Enforcement

Customs Clearance

Customs Transit and Transhipment

Export Control

Intellectual Property Rights

Supply Chain Security

Customs Benchmarking Techniques

Decision Making and Appeals in Customs Matters

Customs Offences and Sanction Regimes

Duties, Taxes and Fees

Excise Theory and Practice

Fuel Taxation

Alcohol Taxation

Tobacco Taxation

Environment Taxation

Train the Trainer

Please download our brochure for a list of topics.

When you have determined your training needs, please email us at customs@csu.edu.au with the list of proposed courses, the number of participants, the venue (home country or CCES), any language requirement other than English, desired timing of the courses and any special content or amalgamation requirements. We will then develop a detailed proposal and budget for your consideration.

The CCES ACCESS™ Product

The Customs environment is constantly changing. Modern customs administrations must be adaptable and resilient to change in order to maintain their national and international effectiveness, relevance and professional standing.

The foundation of resilience and adaptability is a workforce of skilled management and staff. Customs ACCESS™ has been developed to provide you with that foundation. Customs ACCESS™ is a suite of training courses that will help you to provide your employees with the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively perform their duties. It gives you ongoing access to global best practice and the world’s leading training materials in the field of Customs.

Through Customs ACCESSthe internationally acclaimed and World Customs Organization (WCO) accredited education and training materials of the Centre for Customs and Excise Studies (CCES) are available for use under licence. These programs are regularly updated through our ongoing research activities to reflect contemporary and emerging issues that impact on the business of Customs.

Subscribe to Customs ACCESS™ to ensure that your administration’s training:

–       Meets WCO and other international standards

–       Reflects international best practice

–       Is both technically and academically sound

–       Remains relevant and current

–       Is supported by a worldwide team of experts.

Customs ACCESS™ materials adopt a flexible learning approach that allows trainers to deliver the courses in a variety of ways including presentations, discussions, tutorial sessions, or workshops that require officers to work in groups or as individuals under light supervision. The materials include an extensive range of case studies to illustrate and demonstrate key points.

Vocational Courses On-line

Webinars on vocational topics listed in our brochure can be tailored to meet your organisations specific needs. Please email us with your enquiry: custom@csu.edu.au