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Advanced Diploma of International Business Management

All business is global. Whether you are exporting software online or a local retailer facing competition from a global brand; business owners, managers and employees need the critical competencies, skills and knowledge to solve the real-world concerns of international business.

The Advanced Diploma of International Business Management has been designed for people seeking or pursuing an exciting career specifically in international business. It has been developed by Australian professionals in their field to provide necessary information regarding international business management. It is recognised as an advanced qualification within the industry and endorsed by the Export Council of Australia.

The course structure provides an articulated learning pathway that ensures that students gain practical skills and knowledge of procedures associated with international business, the management of both internal and external relationships, and the theoretical constructs that underpin the international trading system. In the final unit students are required to demonstrate their capacity to integrate the knowledge and skills gained by the preparation and completion of an international market entry plan.

As an Australian Government accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO), CCES has a reputation for delivering real world and relevant education by offering industry level vocational training as well as its undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. Students seeking to continue their studies beyond the Advanced Diploma can gain credit in up to four subjects (32 points) in a range of Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Business courses. More Details can be found at Charles Sturt University Bachelor Of Business. More information is available upon request.Naitonally_Recognised_Training_Logo

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Short Courses

We provide a comprehensive range of non-award raining and professional development programs. Our programs are based on international best practice and involve the provision of education to professional across a range of disciplines, including customs administration, revenue and tax administration, law, border management, international trade, and economics.

Noting that vocational courses are run for agencies rather than individuals, please determine your agency’s needs and select accordingly. In some cases agencies may wish to amalgamate some courses e.g. Customs Control & Cargo Control. Vocational courses are generally offered face to face, although we are planning an online capacity in the near future.

Offshore Oil & Gas Security& Emergency Management

This 5-day training course will equip participants with fundamental knowledge of offshore oil and gas security and emergency managements from a global, industry-wide, and company-level perspective. (Note: each module or topic may be delivered separately). The course can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Regulation of Offshore Petroleum Operations

This course explains the workings of the international regulation of offshore oil and gas activities and introduces participants to basic legal concepts and international law principles relating to offshore oil and gas exploration and production.