International Consultancy and Cooperation

CCES is recognised as an international centre of excellence for research, training, education and professional development in relation to customs and border management. Particular areas of expertise include trade facilitation, risk based compliance management, customs excise and revenue collection, customs reform and modernisation, customs compliance and capacity building.

Supporting our academic and training programs is our international consultancy team. Since 2003 we have successfully designed, developed and delivered over 120 consultancy projects in Australia; Central, Southern and North East Asia; Africa; the Americas; the Pacific; the Caribbean; Europe; and the Middle East. Designed to focus on the different levels within a customs administration, our programs can be tailored to meet your operational, management and/or leadership development requirements; alternatively we can offer foundation level training through our three signature programs:

  • The Customs International Executive Management Programs (CIEMP),
  • The Pacific Customs Management Programs (PCMP) and
  • The Customs Leadership Development Programs (CLDP).

CCES has an equally strong working relationship with the World Customs Organisation (WCO). We play an active role in the WCO’s PICARD program, ensuring that all our programs and related services reflect contemporary and emerging issues that impact on the business of customs, excise and border management. Participant evaluations consistently reflect a particularly high level of satisfaction with all elements of our programs delivered by our experts. We use the feedback gained from such evaluations to refresh and update the material provided to participants and to adjust the scope and focus of the subject matter in order to ensure the ongoing relevance of the programs and high level of participant engagement.

The Centre also plays a leading role in promoting the World Bank trade facilitation agenda, and as early as 2005 worked closely with the World Bank, World Trade Organisation (WTO), and other Annex D Organisations to develop the WTO Trade Facilitation Negotiations Self-Assessment Guide. This Guide was used by developing and least-developed countries to assist them to effectively participate in the WTO Trade Facilitation negotiations. Our research papers have been published in a range of academic journals including the World Customs Journal, as well as by APEC, ASEAN, the World Bank, WCO and WTO.

We are a proven and successful supplier of customs education and training, having built an unrivalled reputation over many years:

  • We have a global reach, making accessible to your organisation our direct experience of border management best practice worldwide,
  • We have developed an excellent reputation with both public and private sector entities across the globe, thereby enhancing our ability to advise government agencies of key commercial considerations and the implications of regulatory decisions for the international trading community,
  • We provide your organisation with access to a unique blend of practical experience, academic standing, and internationally recognised education, training and research expertise, and
  • We are a responsive, innovative, and client-focussed organisation that is committed to the long-term quality and sustainability of development programs.

For further details on our consultancy services please email Mr Brent Juratowitch at or by phone on +61 2 6272 6310.