Stuart Millen




Stuart is a highly experienced Customs Expert in Customs Modernisation and Trade Facilitation activities having worked closely with multi-agency and multi-disciplinary teams to develop and implement successfully a number of projects in post-conflict and low capacity environments having:

  • Lead a team performing a variety of trade facilitation activities to improve the cross border and transit trade environment between Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and the Central Asian Region with technical assistance to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to implement Legislative reform, Customs Connectivity through EDI, National Single Window, IT Security, Valuation Business Intelligence, Border Post Assessments and Infrastructure Improvements, Compliance Management, Post Clearance Audit, Customs Agents Regulation, Dwell Time studies and Training.
  • Represented the USAID Pakistan Trade Project as a key note speaker at the FBR “Integrated Transit Trade Management System” conference for the international donor and business community
  • Produced a series of strategic plans to assist Customs Reform and Modernisation in Puntland, Somalia
  • Prepared a Strategic Plan to upgrade the Customs Marine Fleet in Cambodia including a Training Needs Analysis of existing staff and externally sourced expertise.
  • Established and participated in steering committee and technical committees for Strategic Management Planning, ASYCUDA World Implementation/Single Window Development and Risk Management and Co-ordinated Border Management in Liberia and the DRC.
  • Implemented Mobile Support Groups (Anti-Smuggling) in Angola and led risk based land border enforcement patrols between Angola and Namibia, DRC and Republic of Congo.
  • Led the on-going establishment and expansion of the Customs National Training School in Angola (Policy and Planning Development, Train the Trainers, Curriculum Development, Training Delivery, Mentoring of Counterparts and Job Description Development)