ESAMI Graduation – Master in Business Administration Customs Management

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December 12, 2014
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December 12, 2014
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ESAMI Graduation – Master in Business Administration Customs Management

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On 22 November 2014, 15 students from the African continent graduated with the Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Customs Management at a Graduation Ceremony held in Arusha, Tanzania at the East and Southern African Management Institute (ESAMI). This is the third group from the region to graduate with a specialised MBA in Customs Management.

The MBA in Customs Management is a course offered through collaboration with the Centre for Customs & Excise Studies (CCES) and ESAMI. The MBA in Customs Management includes the subjects of Customs Management Theory & Practice, Regulatory Compliance Management, International Customs Law and Customs Reform and Modernization. Following completion of these subjects, students are then required to engage in a Customs Research Project. This year students were engaged in a wide range of topics in Customs & Border Management and presented their Research Projects at the ESAMI Centres in their respective countries; Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

“I feel proud to be a holder of the Master of Business Administration (Customs Management) degree, a wholesome program which has transformed my thinking and I am sure the course will do for other global traders and administrators.” – Fanuel Kasiroori

CCES Congratulates the Graduating Class of Intake #27:

Zacharia Ernest
Kisitu Asadu Kigozi
Robert N. Nyoni
Christine Awino Oyugi
Suleiman Abdalla Said
Tobias Chaparadza
Silvia Chauke
Martin Ngonidzashe Gundani
Fanuel Kasiroori
Valeria Madubeko
Juliet Matare
Rose Mosha
Veronica Jesina Musanhu
Lonto Ndlovu
Josephine Hamunyare Uta