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SARS Award Ceremony


The 5th annual Award Ceremony for SARS Graduates took place on Monday, 2 December 2013 at the SARS Academy in Waterkloof House, Pretoria, South Africa.

The programme, which was piloted in 2007, provides managers with the knowledge and skills required for Customs as well as Revenue administration. Managers and their respective administrations are encouraged to reform in line with global best practice through the modernisation of structures, policies and procedures. The design and implementation of strategic planning for administrations is high on the list of priority areas of study. Change management techniques and strategies to support such reform and modernisation processes also represent key focus areas. Managers also gain a sound understanding of the concept of strategic management, which includes strategy formulation and performance management.

At the ceremony, Professor David Widdowson presented 12 SARS staff members with their certificates. The recipients were:

Graduate Certificate in International Customs Law and Administration (8): Christiena Hemie George, Elmarain Jacobs, Ndanganeni Coffet Lebepe, Petunia Pretty Zamashimane Angel Mgwedli, Gaborone Moeketsi, Ndivhaleni Baldwin Nditwane and Prinola Rambaruth.

Graduate Diploma in International Customs Law and Administration (7): Rozelle Barnes, Christiena Hemie George, Lusanne Fouche, Willem Mathys, Gaborone Moeketsi, Navin Singh and Humbulani Jonas Vhulahani;

Graduate Diploma in International Revenue Administration: Mashudu Lucky Raphala.

Master of International Customs Law and Administration (3): Mohamed Farhaad Ally, Rozelle Barnes and Humbulani Jonas Vhulahani.

Special awards were also presented to the best performers in each of the 3 qualification areas. They were Prinola Rambaruth (Certificate), Navin Singh (Diploma) and Rozelle Barnes (Masters).

Student representative Mohamed Farhaad Ally (Executive: Customs Audit, CUS OPS) thanked SARS for the opportunity to complete his Masters degree. He also specifically thanked his family and mentors for their support during difficult times.

He highlighted the achievements of his colleagues and fellow UC students who continue to make a difference each day. He said that even though much development must still be undergone by SARS as a young organization, their abilities in risk targeting and enhanced operational planning has improved drastically through attending this programme. Their refined focusing has given rise to new abilities to deal with resistors of modernization through effective change management and smooth implementation.

He said he is proud to have been a part of SARS’s modernized changes, this legacy and operational efficiencies and successes. Finally he said that he is prouder than before because he is now a Customs official with a Masters degree and wished all a successful future.