Macedonia Summer School
Customs Modernization Summer School, Saints Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, Macedonia
September 28, 2016
ESAMI Graduation
December 21, 2016
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Face to Face Classes held in West Virginia

Photo: West Virginia Press
Photo: West Virginia Press

Photo: West Virginia Press

The Centre’s Graduate program with the University of Texas (Rio Grande Valley) took a further step forward in October 2016 with the first face-to-face classes being delivered at the US Customs and Border Protection Facility at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. CCES Associate Professor Mark Harrison joined his US-based colleague, Senior Lecturer Bryce Blegen, to deliver two courses over five days to the current class of 14 students, 12 of whom are from Customs and Border Protection and two from the private sector. The courses were in International Customs Law and International Commercial Transactions Law & Practice. In addition, several current and former members of WCO, Department of Homeland Security and CBP leadership provided supplementary presentations on the role of the US in the international trading environment, CBP’s ongoing ACE Single Window IT project, CBP’s international activities and the history, structure and current priorities of the World Customs Organization.  The present cohort of students is the second to undertake the course, but this year was the first in which the on-line program has been supplemented by face-to-face classes.