Trade Facilitation Development Programs – Laos PDR

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September 29, 2015
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September 29, 2015
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Trade Facilitation Development Programs – Laos PDR



During August and September, CCES continued the Laos Development program by conducting both Executive and Middle Management workshops centred on trade facilitation and cooperative efforts among Government Departments and the public and private sectors.

The training was conducted at a location on the Nam Ngum Dam, some 80km from the capital, Vientianne. The Nam Ngum dam is the site of one of Laos PDR’s most significant resources and exports, hydroelectricity, most of which is exported to Thailand.

The courses were attended by 26 participants in total. Importantly a wide variety of Government Departments were represented along with several members of private industry including the Banking and Transport sectors. CCES trainers Brent Juratowitch and Andy Johnson were impressed with the high level of participation and support the attendees demonstrated. This provided a practical demonstration of the theory presented including the importance of an appreciation and understanding of the roles of Government Departments and Industry, along with the benefits of cooperation and coordination in each of these areas.

Laos PDR has requested further Train the Trainer workshops to supplement the Executive and Middle management programs, with a view to future sustainability and continuity of this training by Laos national trainers.

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